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Quick Update

Hey all! Sorry if we didn't post a video update as we hoped to do on a weekly basis. To be honest, the documentation (video) has been slowing us down so we decided to prioritize and focus on production.

So far here's what we have:

  1. the light boards have arrived but the lights were white and not green so we had to try to make it green by adding green dye on the resin which was no use. It still goes through as white. So we're revising the BOM to make sure we get green LEDs on the board.

  2. We have sourced the springs with the correct tension and size for the buttons.

  3. We have been experimenting on the best way to fabricate the buttons using cast resin. So far we've managed to make one using a combination of resin and acrylic. The next challenge is getting accurate markings on the buttons.

  4. The caps for the rocker switches are good to go using cast resin as well.

Please bear with us. We're all excited to get this out sooner than later.

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