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And we're finally ready to ship out!

Hey! Thank you for waiting. Took a while but we're now ready to take orders and ship out your ICPs.

I know it's a bit more pricey than before but we made sure it's the best ICP you can buy below $300. As promised, previous customers can re-order the new ICP at the same price as before! (send us a message if you wish to reorder)

We've made major upgrades on the components:

  • The faceplate is now a solid Clear Epoxy Resin molded with a laminated light-board that is embedded with the resin.

  • The lightboard now has 78 LEDs compared to the 13 LEDs of the previous model. This assures a consistent backlight throughout the faceplate.

  • A mechanical 4-way switch is now used for the dobber giving it the correct rigidity and accuracy of the dobber switch.

  • Mechanical rocker-switches from NKK are now used instead of the make-shift tactile buttons giving the rockers a more defined and rigid actuation.

  • The Drift C/O is now using an NKK ON-OFF-MOM toggle switch to mimick the exact actuation on the Viper ICP.

  • An NKK ON-OFF-ON is now used to select the FLIR AUTO/LVL/GAIN that was programmed in the firmware to act as a 3 position switch.

  • The buttons were completely redesigned to have individual and illuminated actuators.

  • Power management design was also improved to reduce power drawn from the USB that previously affected other USB devices connected to the PC.

  • A dual potentiometer is now used in the BRT knob to prevent the lighting control from fluctuating the RX axis.

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